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Butterfly Dream Meaning

Butterfly Dream Meaning Contents InfographButterflies are associated with a number of positive feelings for the most of us, such as beauty, change, peace and fertility. Although, it might be associated with negative feelings for some of us, due to situations we might have experienced before which was associated with uncomfortable feelings. Whether you had experienced those feelings long or short time ago, they could have been saved in your subconscious.

Butterfly Impression And Explaining The Dream

Look at the butterfly picture and try to determine your impression towards it

In order to understand the meaning of the butterfly dream you had from the psychology perspective, You should ask yourself some questions at the beginning. The first of these questions are, What pops up in your mind when you see a picture of a butterfly?, What do you feel when you think about butterflies?

There are two possibilities for your answer. The first is, you feel good about it and all your thoughts are positive. The second possibility would be feeling bad and uncomfortable about it.

The meaning of the dream in light of these answers would depend on your past experience and your current emotional and mental state. Furthermore, your mind did represent your positive or negative attitude in a form of butterfly within your dream. To be able to get a clearer view, you must know what does butterflies symbolizes.

Before we jump to the butterflies symbolization, We would like to show you an Info-graph outlines the main factors that would lead you to the butterfly dream meaning.

Butterfly dream meaning infograph

Discover your butterfly dream meaning according to this infograph

Butterflies symbolizes in dreams

Butterflies symbolize the human love for freedom, the need to achieve something, the desire to have a romantic relationship, the passion for love, the ability to change, the charm and beauty.

Furthermore, in order to really understand what does butterflies stands for, you should know the following facts about it.

There are over 17,000 butterfly species around the world, with colored wings and different sizes. They all serve an important role in the ecological model in nature. Beside the fact that they are beautiful and looks always in harmony with the nature, They pollinate the plants, carrying the pollen between them, which is a process that makes plants, fruits and vegetables able to produce seeds, therefore proliferate.

Moreover, butterflies are considered food for some insects and animals in the food chain such as birds. In relation to dreams, Butterflies represent variation, fertility and nature.

Butterflies have an interesting life cycle as well, They are insects which they changed their form through a process called the metamorphosis. This process is divided into four main stages. The first stage consists of a female butterfly lays it’s eggs on a plant leave. Later on these eggs hatches a tiny caterpillars which they spend the most of their time eating as much as possible to get ready to the next stage which is the transformation. They attach themselves to a stem hanging upside down, producing a skin to shell themselves, after that they turn into a liquid to transform to the butterfly form, note that this process may take weeks to complete. At last when the butterfly form inside of the shell, they find their way out of it to the world.

If there is something this process symbolizes, it would be that incredible ability to change and transform into something far better and far more beautiful. So, it could be a way which your subconscious tells you that things are about to change or your personality is going to change.

However, these symbolizes means may vary between people depending on several factors, such as their personal experience and culture.

Butterflies symbolizes in the different cultures

The culture plays a critical role in shaping people’s personalities, thoughts and the meaning of things. For example black considered a symbol of good in some culture, The same time it is considered as a symbol of evil or sadness for other cultures.

In china a butterfly would represent love and romantic relationships, due to a famous tale known there. This tale is about someone was trespassing a castle following a butterfly, while he fell in love with a girl he seen there. Meanwhile, A butterfly in mandarin means “70 years” which represents prosperity and happy life.

Also, It is considered a sign of love to see a butterfly flying around especially if there were two of them.

In North America, it is believed that butterflies are causing good dreams, while the native people think of it as a sign of change. And as for Japan and Greece the butterflies represent a soul of someone.

Some christian also think that butterflies symbolizes resurrection because of the metamorphosis process.

So, realizing your cultural beliefs about butterflies may help you to understand the meaning of your dream.

A butterfly in nature symbolization

A butterfly in nature

The Butterfly Color in Dream

White Butterfly, Red Butterfly, Black Butterfly, Blue Butterfly, Yellow or Orange butterfly, Big or Small, Whatever it’s shape or look or size is, The meaning depends on your own personal beliefs and experience about it.

Butterfly Dream Meaning In Astrology

If you are interested in astrology, and looking for an explanation to your dream from that point of view, Then you should read the following.

Butterflies in astrology represent goodness. Furthermore, They are a sign to change and exploring new things. Expect good news on there way and be optimistic.

Butterflies word origins

The butterflies word is equivalent to butter fly or the fly of butter, When we look at the origins of this word, we find out that these beautiful creatures have got there names because the main species in this era in England were looking the same color as butter.

In relation to the dream, it could be a symbol of your desire to eat butter or a situation that involved butter or even the color itself.

Therefore, if you’ve experienced one or more of those related symbols in your real life, then it could be the key to understand the meaning behind your dream.

Your Previous Experience Could be The Key

Now, we can move to the next question which brings us closer to understand the butterfly dream meaning, what do you remember about the last time you’ve seen or heard about butterflies? Focus on remembering anything related to butterflies especially the day before your dream. Although you should try to remember all the related experience regardless if it happened long time ago, as it could have been reflected into your dream by your subconscious mind.

Seeing a butterfly in relation to your dream

Seeing a butterfly in some sort of a context might has ties to your dream meaning

Direct and Indirect Exposure to Butterflies

The butterfly dream meaning could be associated with either a direct or indirect experience, for example if someone has seen a butterfly symbol even for a fraction of a second it could be imprinted in his subconscious memory, then his mind might identify it as a unique subject or suitable enough as it consists with his mental state and current thoughts to be displayed into his dream.

Keep in mind, your experience with butterflies might not be as direct as you think. It could be for example related to a brand, a shop name, a logo, advertising or even a simple text. Beside that it could symbolize something or even looks like something entirely different.

Follow these steps to relax and remember

  1. Bring a note and a pen
  2. Find a place makes you feel comfortable “it could be indoor or outdoor”
  3. Settle and work on your breathing. Take Your Breath Slowly and deeply
  4. Now try to remember any situation involved a personal experience with butterflies on the short term “The day prior your dream” then on the long term
  5. Write down what you remembered right after you finish

So, if the reason behind your dream was a prior experience, then it could be another key to explain the meaning of your dream.

Other Meanings For The Butterfly dream

You might have been exposed to a factor contributed to your experience while you were dreaming such as a fly was flying above your toes or any other object gave your mind the sensation of a butterfly.

That is not limited to your skin sensation, it could be received by any of the other body senses.

Also, the reason behind the butterfly dream could be one of the psychological disorders, physical issues, sexual urges and it could be just a sleep hallucinations.

Speaking of sleep hallucinations, our dreams doesn’t have to have a meaning or logical explanation all the time. It could have no deep meaning at all, due to the nature of the dreams itself.

However understanding a dream such as our case here with the butterfly dream meaning, could be complex due to the natural complexity of our minds. Beside that, you shouldn’t take an explanation for certain, unless the reasons are clear to you.