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Car Crash Dream Meaning

Car Crash Dream Meaning Contents Infograph

To understand your car crash dream meaning, You’ll have to remember all the dream details, including the dream context, scenario, characters that were involved within the dream, any objects, marks, thoughts and feelings. Beside, any experience you had prior the dream.

There are many scenarios with lots of possible variables to a car crash dream. However, in order to interpret it and understand it’s true meaning, we will have to discuss each of these scenarios.

Let’s begin with narrowing the variables of the car crash dream:

  • The Characters and whether you were driving the car yourself or someone else driving it.
  • Are you familiar with the car?
  • Any conversations took place
  • The General Environment of The Dream
  • The car speed
  • Smelling, Temperature and Sound such as music
  • Your heading
  • The place the crash occurred
  • The reason behind the crash in your dream
  • The crash survivors
  • Your feelings during the crash

Now, Let’s discuss these variables and it’s relation with your car crash dream meaning.

Before we begin, We would like to say that these variables aren’t all the possible variables within the dream.

Actually, Because of the nature of dreams and the human mind, the variables could be a lot more than these we mentioned.

Try to relax and focus as much as possible on your dream. Remember all the details.

Car Crash Meaning Infograph

An infographic to make the process of discovering your car crash dream meaning easier

Alright, Lets begin with the first variable which is the characters.

Note that, the threat could be related any other reason such as the destination itself, it doesn’t have to be linked to a character.

Answering the following series of questions might make your task easier.

  1. Were you alone in the car?
  2. If others were with you, Can you remember who are they?
  3. Were there any animals with you?

If you were driving the car alone within your dream heading to a destination when the crash took place, Then that would mean the threat is meant only for you. At least that’s what your subconscious think.

Moreover, If someone else were driving, there could be different meanings depending on the following possibilities.

  • You can drive, But someone else is driving instead of you. And the driver is known to you.
  • You can drive, But the driver is whether unknown or unrecognizable to you.
  • You can’t drive and the driver is unknown to you.
  • You can’t drive and the driver is known to you.
  • You were in a self-driving car.

In case, You were able to drive within the dream and the driver is known to you. Then the threat could be associated to that character, which would lead you eventually to the accident.

Although, You could be trusting that driver or used to him. In that case, You have got two options.

  1. Excluding that character from the interpretation
  2. The Character itself does represent other characters

If you are going to exclude the association between the character and the source of your threat. Then you can relate your dream meaning to another general source of threat, which it could be coming from people in general or a situation in your real life.

The second possibility is that the character you have seen in your dream and you are familiar with, might not be directly linked to the same person in your real life. He could be representing someone else or something.

In the second case, In which you can’t recognize the driver, then the source of the threat could be linked to someone unknown in your real life. Meaning that you are whether feeling consciously or subconsciously threatened by someone in your real life.

If you can’t drive and the driver is unknown to you, then there is a good chance that the source of threat is represented in that character or some unknown person makes you feel threatened in real life.

If the driver is known to you and you can’t drive, There is a good chance that the meaning of the dream is related to the scenario between you and him or it could be your feeling of being insecure with him while he’s driving in real life. Also, the driver could have no relation at all to your dream, especially if you trust him and used to ride the car with him.

Self-Driving cars are becoming increasingly popular over time, In case you’ve got a self driving car then the meaning could represent your concern about it’s safety. Otherwise, the source of threat could be related to anything else.

Start understanding the car crash dream meaning by remembering

Remember All The Details About Your Car Crash Dream

Moving to the next question, Were there other characters within your dream?

If your answer is yes, Then whether these characters are your family or friends or colleagues, The source of threat could be linked or not linked to them.

For example, If they are your friends in real life and they are taking you to a bad path which would lead you to the destruction of your life eventually, then it could be away which your subconscious mind trying to save you from that road by representing your inner thoughts and expectations about what’s coming.

Also, the dream could represent your desire to suicide with them for a reason or the other such as revenge.

If there were an animal with you, there are two possibilities.

  • The animal is a pet
  • This animal is wild

If the animal is a pet, then he could have no association to the meaning of the dream, except that you are used to take that pet with you on the car.

If it was a wild animal, then it could have represented the threat that would lead you to the car crash within the dream. The wild animal could represent a colleague you know for example at work, which would lead you and your leader to unfortunate outcomes.

Note that, an animal in your car crash dream doesn’t have to represent something else. Especially if you are familiar with that animal or you are seeing it or something else related in your real life.

The next question would be whether if you are familiar with the car or not

It could have something to do with the meaning of your car crash dream or it could have no relation at all.

However, the car could be a main indication to the meaning of your dream. It could represent the threat to you in multiple forms.

If the car is old and not safe as it is in real life, then it could be a logical reflection of your feelings towards it within the dream.

A car like this might also represent your situation in life such as your financial situation or even the fear of something else, We call that symbolization in dreams, and we will discuss it later on with more details in this article.

If the car is expensive as it is in real life, then it is most likely has nothing to do with the meaning of your dream. But if it is not, It could be a symbolization to something else, such as your fear of speed or of being rich.

Did you talk to someone else or someone were talking in the car

If your answer is yes, Then try to remember the conversation you made or heard in the car within your dream.

What this conversation was about, might be a key to understand the meaning of the dream.

Remember The Environment

The environment could play a critical rule in understanding the car crash dream meaning. Because if the reason behind the crash was directly related to the environment within the dream such as a tsunami, hurricane, flood or any other natural disaster then it could represent your concern about it in real life.
The direct cause of the accident within the dream is not limited to disasters, it could also be heavy rain, unclear vision, dust and the road itself.

Did you notice the car speed?

There could be three possibilities related to the car speed.

  • The car speed was high
  • The car speed was normal
  • The car was at low speed or not moving

In case, The car speed was high while you were driving and accelerating, that might represent your desire to suicide or escape from a threat. Therefore, The meaning would be based on the reason of the car high speed.

If you are driving as you do normally at a normal speed when the crash occurred, then there is a great chance that you are concerned about an external threat, unless you are concerned about your own driving skills in real life.

If the car was at low speed or not moving at all, then the threat would be coming from an external source. Therefore, Identifying that threat in your real life will explain the meaning of your dream.

Other elements such as temperature, smelling and sound

If you recognized other elements during your dream such as the ones we mentioned, they could be linked to the meaning of your dream.

Based on your experience, the temperature, smelling and sound could be linked to a place where you’ve felt threatened.

Otherwise, Experiencing those elements could be related to whether an external or internal stimulus you were exposed to before or during the dream.

The destination you were heading to

Understanding the relation between your destination and the meaning of the dream depends on whether the crash happened while you were heading there or after your arrival.

The destination could represent a real place or a goal or it could even be the threat itself depending on the nature of that destination and your experience in real life.

Also, You should know the destination itself could have nothing to do with the meaning of your dream, especially if the crash symbolizes something else in your life such as your fear of driving for example.

The Reason Behind The Car Crash Within The Dream

Understand the reason behind the car crash in your dream

The reason of the car crash in your dream

The reason could be related to yourself or it could be related to other external factors.

For example if you have got a bad driving skills in real life, then it could be your fear of causing an accident. Also, the meaning could be related your thoughts and experience prior the dream. However if the crash happened due to an external cause, that could represent an external threat.

The Crash Survivors

Survivors are the ones your mind thinks that they will survive or at least hopes to survive after facing the threat. Also, survivors could be the source of threat in your dream.

Your car crash dream meaning could be related to your very own personal emotions and experience. In light of that, Your mind could be representing the fear of loosing someone you love to you within the dream.

If you survived the crash, then you have either confidence or hope in your ability to overcome the threat. If you did not survive, It could be quite the opposite, which your subconscious is not optimistic about the outcomes of facing the threat.

In case, You were hitting someone you know with the car such as your boss, then the meaning of your dream is pretty obvious.

Your feelings after the car crash within the dream

They could be the key to reveal the meaning of the dream. For example if you felt peace after feeling guilt, then the reason behind the accident is getting rid of the feeling of guilt.

Also, If you felt sadness or anger, then it could be a natural expression from you towards the unfortunate outcomes you expect.

However, Understanding the meaning of the car crash dream is not limited to the variables, it does also depend on your personal experience and the things you were exposed to prior the dream.

Car Crash Symbolizes in Your Dream

The meaning of the car crash dream might not be as obvious as you think, it could be a symbolize to an entirely different subject.

In General, A car crash would symbolize a threat for the most cases. However, it could also represent other symbolizes such as fear, the need to run away, a lack of trust, suicidal thoughts, pessimistic expectations and your desire to purchase a new car.

Your Experience In Relation To The Dream Meaning

Your own personal experience plays a critical rule in determining the meaning of the car crash dream. The type of this experience must be associated with negative feelings due to the scenario of the dream which is about a car crash.

If you were having negative thoughts such as committing a suicide or ending your life along with someone else or even afraid of something represents a threat to you, then it could be the key to interpret and understand the car crash dream meaning.

Moreover, The reason behind the dream could be totally logical, due to a previous experience with cars. For example, You were taking driving lessons and felt anxious about the possibility of making an accident.

The Exposure To a Related Stimulus Prior The Dream

Whether you have been exposed to a direct or indirect stimulus, it could be the reason that triggered your car crash dream.

Actually, If you were watching an action movie or reading news or a book or even heard about a car crash before your sleep, it could be the reason of your dream.

If you are not sure that you have been exposed to a direct stimulus as we mentioned, then you could have been exposed to an indirect stimulus. Which means you have seen or heard about a car crash without being aware of it, while your subconscious saved it in your memory without realizing it. Therefore, it has been a part of your dream.