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Elevator Dream Meaning

To understand the elevator dream meaning, you will have to begin with remembering all the details you can about the dream itself and that includes all the things that happened within the dream and the things you interacted with. The process of analyzing your elevator dream and concluding it’s meaning consists of different steps, after remembering all the details you can about it, you will have to analyze it according to your own experiences, exposure prior your sleep and symbolization.

In order to remember your dream, in case you aren’t remembering it well already, there are different techniques you can apply. Some of these techniques can be applied to improve your ability to remember your own dreams afterwards.

However, one of these techniques involves deep breathing and clearing your mind during this practice. It’s a too simple technique as all it requires is some control over your breathing. Yoga can be very effective as well regarding the same goal beside many other practices.

Note down all what you can remember about your elevator dream and any other relevant information, so you would be able to analyze it properly based on the factors that we are going to outline in the following lines.

Elevator buttons - Elevator dream meaning

Elevator dream meaning

Analyzing your elevator dream variables

There is no limit to the variables that can take place in your dream. However, we are going to outline the most common to give you an idea about it. In fact, you are encouraged to add as many variables as you can in order to be able to analyze your dream more accurately.

  • The Characters (the people who played roles during the dream)
  • The Elevator
  • The Place
  • The heading

The Characters within the dream can play a critical rule in analyzing it. Here are a few sample questions that you should answer, were there people with you in the elevator or you were alone? If there were any can you identify the people with you? Based on your answers to these questions, you can answer the following.

What do the people in the elevator represent to you in real life? Were there someone you consider as an enemy with you in the elevator? Or someone you love? The meaning of your elevator dream could depend on your answer to these questions.

However, you could have interacted with any characters outside the elevator itself or before or after you get in it. Also, any conversation that took place during the dream or any particular words you have heard could explain the dream whether completely or partially.

Moving to the next variable, the elevator itself could have some meaning as a main part of the dream. Depending on the type of the elevator itself and any special characteristics which could represent certain things in your life. Also, you should determine whether the elevator is familiar or not. For example, if you have been on that elevator before in a hotel or on your way to your office at work it might be a key to the true meaning behind your dream.

The place where the elevator is located can have a certain meaning as well. Whether the elevator was in a building or a hotel or a skyscraper or a factory or even a ship can be linked to the general meaning of the dream.

The heading of the elevator is quiet important, as it could have certain indications. For example, if the elevator was going up it could symbolize ambition or your heading towards a higher goal. On the other hand, if the elevator was heading down, it could mean failure or going back towards certain things in your life. However, if the elevator was stuck, it could mean that you are stuck in a situation in real life. And if the elevator was falling, it could indicate that your subconscious believe that the situation you are stuck in could lead to serious consequences.

Each factor could explain the true meaning of your dream. However, these factor can also be combined along with your prior experience and exposure in order to get a more accurate explanation to the dream.

door - elevator dream meaning

View of an elevator door

Elevator dream meaning based on symbolization

There are different symbolization for an elevator within the dream. The elevator itself may symbolize a mean to move from a certain level to a higher or lower level. Which has been represented within your dream by your subconscious.

If the elevator was going up to a higher floor, it might represent ambitiousness and your pursue of achieving goals in real life. It could also symbolize your concern about going to a certain place. On the other hand, heading to a lower level would symbolize a setback in your life or your subconscious desire to leave such as leaving your work.

Elevator dream meaning based on exposure

If you have been exposed to a certain stimulus before the dream that made you or your subconscious interested about it, it could be the key behind the meaning of your elevator dream. Whether you have got exposed to the stimulus directly or indirectly it could have affected you and caused the dream. The direct stimulus could be a certain advertisement you saw on TV or a movie or read in a book or heard someone talking about it. The indirect stimulus could have been presented to you for a very short time, which wasn’t enough for you to develop an conscious interest in it. However, you have developed in interest in it subconsciously and it has been represented in your dream after.

Moreover, the elevator dream could have also been triggered due to certain stimulus you have been exposed to during your sleep.

Elevator dream meaning based on experience

The meaning of the elevator dream is relative same as any dream based on the dreamer’s own experience and personality. For instance, elevators could mean a positive thing for a someone, but it could also mean a negative thing for someone else.

Some people could have experienced an accident within an elevator before and others are claustrophobic, which in that case the dream would mean that the dreamer’s mind is concerned about being in similar situation.

On the other hand, the elevator could be associated with positive feelings to the dreamer, which he desires it to occur again.