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Flood Dream Meaning

Flood Dream Meaning Content Infograph

There are many possible meanings to the flood in dreams, and in order to understand the true meaning behind it at the beginning, you will have to remember all the details you can about it. For example, your personal situation in the dream, what the flood were consisted of? It could be water or wine or even blood.

Alright, Let’s begin with the most famous and common explanation to the flood dream.

Flood Dream Biological Meaning

When you dream of a flood consists of water, the meaning would be either your body tells you that you really need to go to the bathroom or you are thirsty and your body needs water while you are asleep.

There are couple of biological factors that could contribute and to be the main reasons behind your dream. These factors are ranging between perfectly normal factors to exceptional factors.

Speaking of the normal biological factors, it could be dehydration caused by a lack of water in your body system, in simpler words, you didn’t drink enough water during the day before you went to sleep.

Also, It could be quite the opposite, you could have drank much water the day before, enough to make your brain translates your body need to urinate to represent a flood within your dream. There are further normal causes, such as drinking alcoholic beverages before sleep.

In the other hand, The flood dream factors could be exceptional as for the people who suffers of a biological illness such as diabetes. Also, it could be of a natural cause such as for women during pregnancy.

Furthermore, Floods could represent your sexual desire in dreams.

Flood Dream Meaning Infographic

Learn the flood dream meaning according to the Infographic

Direct and Indirect Exposure to Floods

Our next approach is to figure out whether an exposure is what caused your dream or not.

There are two types of exposures you might have had experienced, which they are, the direct exposure and the indirect exposure. But, what does these definitions means? They mean that there are two main ways for a human being to receive an external stimulus.

Natural flood view

A view of a natural flood

As for the direct exposure, one or more of your body senses receive an external stimulus while your mind is fully aware of that experience and stores it’s impression about it within your memory. For example, watching a movie about a flood or reading a news about it.

The indirect exposure is the same process except that you wouldn’t be aware of the stimulus, at least consciously. For example, seeing a picture of a flood or reading a word similar to it for a couple seconds without realizing it or paying an attention to it.

Revising your day routine prior the night you had your dream is quite important. From experience with many people, there is a good chance that you could find the key that would explain your dream meaning within it.

So, If the reason that caused you to dream of flood isn’t biological at all, Then you’ve got to relax and try to remember all the related details to your dream.

To relax, You’ll have to follow these simple steps:

• Find a calm place you can settle in
• Clear your mind and thoughts
• Start breathing slowly and deeply
• Try to remember anything you have seen or heard about floods in the past days
• Note the results after you finish

You should now have a clearer vision to what might’ve caused you to dream of a flood. In case you aren’t able to figure your dream meaning yet, then you should read our next approach, which is about symbolization.

Flood Symbolizes In Dreams

If the flood in your dream consists of water, then there is a great chance that it does symbolize a sexual desire. Generally, Floods symbolize the means to grow, life and goodness. Therefore, if that’s your case, then your dream possibly means that you are expecting goodness in your life.

In the same time, Floods doesn’t always represent goodness. They are also a symbol to threat and destruction, as they destroy large areas of the land and threatens the lives of many occupants.

Natural Flood Meanings In Dreams

According to National Geographic, Floods occurs due to a couple of factors in nature, The most common one is when a river or a stream overflow it’s stream due to excessive rain, damaged dam, ice melting in the mountains and even when a beaver dam falls.

Also, Floods can occur when a large storm such as “Irma Hurricane 2017” or a tsunami causes the sea to surge the land.

In relation to your flood dream, It could be your subconscious trying to warn you about a threat. That threat could be directly linked to the floods itself, In that case your mind is telling you to take precaution and to get ready for it. Beside, It represents your concern about floods.

Also, the flood could symbolize a different threat indirectly. For example, A situation in your life that you are expecting it to take over everything in it’s way.

The Meaning of The Other Different Types of Floods

Sometimes, floods in dreams consists of other liquids instead of water such as wine, juice and milk. In case you’ve dreamed of a wine flood, then your dream might mean that you drank too much or someone else you know did. The wine flood could symbolize many other things according to your experience, such as if you are a priest or a religious person, it could symbolize sin. Also, If you are running a bar or working at a wine factory it could represent an infinite supply or an ever increased production.

If your flood consisted of juice, it might represent your feeling of thirst or your desire to drink it. Many things could trigger that in your dream such as watching advertisement or seeing the product itself prior your sleep. Also, it could represent an association in your mind between that juice and your feeling of thirst.

Milk Flood Dream Meaning

The Milk Flood Dream Meaning To The Religious People

In case you are religious, a flood of milk would definitely represent the paradise. Also, It could represent many different symbols based on your own experience, such as childhood or babies. For pregnant women, it could represent breast feeding and the desire to have children.

If have dreamed of a flood consisted of blood, then it could be related to a previous experience such as reading about historical events involved with killing, reading unfortunate news, watching a movie under the same category, seeing an accident in real life, seeing a photo or drawing contains blood, having suicidal thoughts, threatening someone or someone is threatening you.

Also, The meaning could depend on your thoughts before the dream. Beside, The blood flood dream meaning could be related to biological or psychological illness.

If you are a female, The blood meaning could be related to your fertility or your period.

However, the process of interpreting dreams is different than explaining things in the other fields of science.

That’s because of the nature of our minds. They are way too complex for us to fully understand it and to build solid theories for it.

So, Understanding your flood dream meaning depends on your experience, memory, personality, knowledge and on top of all your ability to put all that together in order to interpret the dream.