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Owl Dream Meaning

owl dream meaning explained

Discover your owl dream meaning!

In order to understand the owl dream meaning, you should begin by knowing a few basic information about these amazing creatures and the nature of the dream. Owls are related to birds as species, and they have been associated in the minds of many whether with misfortune or wisdom.

If reading about the history of the nations and old cultures is one of your interests, you might have already figured that owls have been mentioned in many myths and legends over the past centuries.

It goes without saying that owls are regarded as night birds, it means that it is rare to see it flying in broad daylight. Moreover, it is characterized with its amazing sense. Sometimes the owl is not able to see its prey despite its spectacular and far-reaching vision. So, its prey can easily hide but the only way possible for the owl to catch it is the faint sound caused by the prey. Here comes the perfect role of the owl high- sense of hearing. Moreover, lab experiments have shown that the hearing of owls is up to ten times better than the hearing in humans!

When we have dreams, we can see anything in accordance with lots of factors. It’s possible the owl in your dream was imprinted in your subconscious because you have seen it before you sleep for example (a poster somewhere or a movie such as Harry Potter!). Explaining your owl dream meaning could be puzzling, but the more you focus on explaining it in-light of your own personal experience prior the dream, the more you will be able to find an accurate answer.

Owl Dream Meaning – Symbolizes

The owl stands for many symbols. Here, we will talk about the most common symbols of owls in relation to your dream. Before we begin, you should know that owls symbolization also stands for the color of the owl itself. In particular whether it’s black or white.

Owls usually refers to wisdom and strength within dreams, beside symbolizing logic.

Also, owls symbolizes people with conscience, and strong intuition. beside the culture of Western men. Moreover, it could symbolize unfair men and jealous women.

Through a different perspective, Seeing an owl within your dream might be a representation of a warning or upcoming bad news or even a dangerous threat around you. It could also be a warning regarding an important issue in your life.

Beside that, seeing an owl within a woman’s dream could be a sign to positive energy and improved daily life. It could also symbolize focus on her personal goals, future, ambitions, goals at work.

What would a white owl symbolize in a dream?

There are different meanings to each color for owls within dreams. White owls, signifies the serenity of the mind and foresight. Beside that, it could represent the people who have a clear vision of things, or who have new wonderful ideas.

White owl dream meaning according to symbolization: it could be a proof of clear- sight and very innovative personalities, along with wisdom and the ability to solve problems.

Also, it symbolizes that he is a sensitive person and he is a kind of people who is affected by anything no matter how simple it is.

What would a black owl symbolize in a dream?

Black owls symbolizes magic and death in many cultures because it hides in darkness. Moreover, some of the Western thinkers, in accordance with their culture, said that the black owl is a messenger carrying hidden secrets, and some others used to call it the protector of death.

Black owls can be found in the forest where the dense trees and the night is very dark. It stands for the introverted personalities that can not achieve any gains at work or anything in general by isolating themselves from anything around. Also, it is a symbol of firm and ruthless personality.

The black owl dream meaning could be a warning sign of a trap or an enemy. Especially if the owl was giving the dreamer sharp looks within the dream.

Owl Dream Meaning For Pregnant Women

If you are pregnant and seen a white owl within your dream, it symbolize that you will give birth to a boy who will have a bright future in terms of his intelligence and his prudence. According to the old writings.

Although, white owls represents good fortune, black owls could represent the feeling of jealousy for women. Furthermore, if the pregnant woman seen owls eggs that are about to hatch, it would symbolize an imminent childbirth or a good sign that she will give birth to a sound and healthy child.

In case that she sees an owl with its small and young babies at night, it would represent that the woman will enjoy family stability or emotional stability in her life.

Colored Owl Dream Meaning

We’ve talked about the symbolization of both white and black owl; so, it is time now to speak about the symbolic meaning of the colored owl in a dream.

Whoever dreams of a colored owl, this symbolizes and stands as an evidence that there is deception, cunning and untruthful feelings that is because the colored owl represents the false beliefs.

What if you dreamed of an owl in your own house, is that also has a meaning?

For sure, it has a meaning. We said before that there are some colors to the owl; the colored owl, the white owl or the black owl, and we spoke about their meaning in a dream. But when it comes to your house, it is different to some extent. Let’s see!

The house symbolizes in the dream the heart, senses and mind of the person. So, if you see a black owl in your house in a dream, it symbolizes that you have some fears or negative energy inside your mind.

However, if you see a white owl in your dream inside your house, it symbolizes that there will be some news about your work or about your personal life, or news concerning your family or close friends.

Owls and Culture

There is no doubt that there is a big difference among cultures just like the Eastern and Western culture. Thus, we will find various meanings of the owl in dream according to each culture. Just have a look below to understand!

Scholars and commentators in all different cultures said that the owl is an important bird whatever the color is and there is a need to explain its symbol in different cultures.

For example, it is mentioned in Greek culture as a symbol of Wisdom or symbolizes the philosopher who is characterized by the prudence of the mind.

However, it is mentioned in Asian cultures as a symbol of death and post-mortem resurrection.

On the other hand, it is mentioned in Western cultures as it symbolizes optimism, happiness and success.

Symbol of meaning of the own attacking in a dream:

Put in mind that not all the owls are kind, they can attack you, so be cautious. If an owl attacked you in your dream, this stands for the happening of quarrels with parents or family or close friends.

The meaning of hunting an owl or seeing it flies in a dream:

If you dream of an owl that you have hunted, it symbolizes that you had committed mistakes with family members or colleagues at work.

Secondly, if you see an owl flying away in your dream, it represents the end to the fatigue and hardship that he has endured. Besides, owl flying shows that a dream you have wished to reach will be fulfilled for you.

Your Experience In Relation To The Dream

We said before that the owl is considered as a night bird, so it is difficult to see it unless you like exploring at night and live in a forest, for instance. Your experience with owls will give you a hand in understanding your dream, but at first you ought to remember the last time you have seen, heard or read about owls. Do not pay so much attention to the length of time, maybe you have seen it long or short time, but what matters is your remembrance of anything related to the experience whether it is direct or indirect experience.

Put in mind that your experience with the owl may not be as direct as you think because it may be a picture or a video you have seen before.