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Running Dream Meaning

Running dream meaning is relative and depends on a number of variables, These variables could be about the dreamer, the dream itself, a stimulus or something else completely different. In fact, there are no limits or fixed rules to understand the exact meaning of a dream. However, Analysing what you can remember about your dream in light of your own experience and according to science could shid some light on the true meaning behind your dream.

The main key behind understanding your dream meaning is remembering as much details as you can about it. There are plenty of different techniques that you can apply. One of the most common techniques is doing breathing exercise in which could enable you to remember your dream in a clearer way.

Also, Yoga exercise has proven to be useful in stimulating the remembering process. Beside, regular exercise is useful regarding the same goal as well.

You should note your dream details using whether a paper and a pen (Traditional) or any device such as your smartphone or tablet. After you have noted as much details as you can about your running dream, you can move to the next, which is analyzing the dream.

Running to work - Running dream meaning

Running dream meaning

Analyzing The Running Dream Variables

Let’s give you some of the variables that you should remember in order to understand the running dream meaning:

  • The characters within the dream
  • The Place
  • The environment
  • What were you running from
  • What were you running to

Note: The variables aren’t limited to the ones mentioned above

Regarding the characters, you could ask yourself some questions such as were you running alone or with someone else? Were there any recognizable or familiar characters? In light of your answer you can categorize them as:

  • Trustworthy
  • a source of threat
  • irrelevant

These characters could be linked as well to what you are running from (the source of threat) and where are you running to.

The place you are running in itself could have a significant meaning. For example if you were running in a jungle it could mean that you are running from many sources of threat. And if you were running in a desert it could mean that you are just thirsty during your sleep or you are having concerns regarding the desert. Try to ask yourself, Is that place familiar or not? Then determine whether it’s relevant to the context of the dream or not.

Moving to the next variable, which is the environment, whether if it were sunny or cold, it might have a certain meaning to the dreamer which would make him able to interpret the dream better.
What were you running from in the dream? The source of threat plays a critical role in determining the meaning of the dream. For example, if your employer were running after you in the dream, then you could be having concerns regarding him in real life or you were just trying to escape the stress he is putting on your shoulders at work. Another example, running from a dangerous animal that you fear in which you have seen or heard about recently. Running from an object such as a car or a bus could mean that your subconscious is concerned about it.

Desert - Running dream meaning

A man running alone in the desert

However, what you are running from could be a reason rather than something physical such as your fear of being late or your concern to miss something.

Furthermore, You could be running because you are just used to running and you like the sport in general.

The heading, could be a main key to interpret your dream. For instance, if you were going to your work and running it could be a reflection of your concern about getting late to work in real life. There are a countless number of headings with a specific meaning for each one. Also, if you were running to someone it could mean that you are concerned in your subconscious about him.

Additionally, the destination could be the threat itself, in some cases, people dream of jumping of a building or a cliff to suicide, which could refer to an inner desire to suicide. However, there are other explanations beside the one we mentioned such as the desire to do some dangerous moves or courage or it could even represent an inner admiration of a similar scene that the dreamer have seen in a movie, such factors we are going to discuss in more details in the relation between exposure and experience of the dreamer to the dream and it’s meaning.

Running Dream Meaning Based on Symbolization

There are two different types of Symbolization:

  • Metaphorical
  • Based on history, tradition, old tales,..

In the case of metaphorical symbolization, running could symbolize different meanings and things to the dreamer. For example, it could symbolize fear or stress or even a product or something that is associated with a physical object.

Running have always represented freedom and glory according to the astronomy writings.

Street- Running dream meaning

Running dream meaning in different scenarios

Running Dream Interpretation Based on Exposure

The true reason behind your dream, could be exposure to different stimulus in real world. There are two types of exposure itself related to dreams:

  • Exposure prior the dream
  • Exposure during the dream

Being exposed to a stimulus prior the dream can be on both short term and long term. For example, the dreamer could have been exposed to a certain advertisement on TV about some runners or heard it from someone or read about it in a book to be resembled later on in his dream due to a certain admiration or experience.

The stimulus could be either direct or indirect such as watching an advertisement about runners for a very short time (a second give or take) without realizing it.

Furthermore, the dreamer could get exposed to a stimulus during the dream in which his subconscious could interpret it in different ways. For instance, running during the dream could have been triggered due to a certain motion or stimulus in real world.

Dream Meaning Based on Experience

The dreamer personal experience could play a critical role in reshaping the dream and interpreting it. For example, the dreamer could have been a runner himself or running itself representing certain meanings to him. Also, the dreamer could have experienced a situation or a stress that has been represented in his dream by subconscious.