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Snakes Dream Meaning

In order to understand the true meaning behind your dreams about snakes, you will have to remember all the details you can about it. We recommend doing so by noting and highlighting the details of your dream on a sheet of paper or on your device whether it’s a laptop or a smart phone.

In fact, the majority of us as individuals forget about their dreams as soon as we wake up or after having another dream, it’s like if the details of the dream are fading bit by bit after waking up, so you don’t have to worry if you cant remembering your dreams well.

In general, you should note down your dream as soon as possible after waking up so you wouldn’t miss any detail which could affect the context and the interpretation of the dream. However, in this case which we are trying to analyze and interpret your snakes dream meaning, you should note the details of your dream as you remember it before you forget any detail, the more you wait before noting down your dream, the more details you are most likely to forget.

To improve your ability to remember your dreams, you will have to practice throughout memorizing and remembering your dreams each time after you wake up. Also, having a healthy life style and doing exercises that clears your mind such as yoga, beside working out are effective methods towards this goal.

Infographic - snakes dream meaning

Snakes Dream Meaning Infographic

Each dream about snakes consists of specific variables, these variables are countless and it differs based on several factors. However, we are going to outline some of the main variables then analyze it in relation to the context of the dream.

  • The characters
  • The snake itself
  • The place or places you have observed the snake at
  • The environment of the dream
  • The reason why the snake appeared in the dream
  • Your feelings during the dream
  • Your action
  • Smelling, temperature and sound

The Characters

Let’s begin with the characters that were present in your dream directly and indirectly. The main and first character here is yourself and the role you were playing in the dream. For instance, you could be the threat or the snake itself or the one who is being threaten or you are in a neutral position or just an observer.

Your character is related to your own personal experience, thoughts and exposure. We are going to explain this in details in the following sections of this article.

If you were the snake, the interpretation would mainly depend on your own definition of snakes beside the context and the other variables.

The other characters within the dream “if there were any in the first place” could be a key to your snakes dream meaning. These other characters could be familiar or strangers. Also, they could be friendly or hostile. If these characters are familiar, the snakes dream meaning as a whole could depend on them “which is the case usually”. They could be tricking you somehow or pushing you into danger “towards the snake” or pushing the snake towards you or just commenting or speaking or singing or laughing. If that’s the case it could be a reflection in your dream by your subconscious in which you are being warned about a threat and it’s brought to your attention in this way.

Characters - Snakes Dream Meaning

Characters in relation to the dream meaning

Also, these characters could be trying to save you from the snake “snakes” or just observing and maintaining a neutral position. If these people were trying to save you, then you are in your subconscious trusting them in real life and that’s been outlined in your dream. However, if these people were taking a neutral position, it would mean that you think in your subconscious that they will fail you if you ever been into trouble in real life and you can’t depend on them. In case if they were strangers, it would mean that you don’t have faith in people in general or the people around you.

The snakes dream could be centered about one of these characters rather yourself, meaning that you could be subconsciously concerned about these characters if they were familiar or people in general if they were strangers. The snake “snakes” could represent a source of threat to them or it could be friendly in some cases.

Any conversation or spoken words that took place within the snakes dream can have a significant relation to the dream meaning, whether it was by a character or by yourself or between other characters or between you and another character or even between you and the snake.

Snakes Characteristics

The snake itself could be you or someone familiar or a stranger or it could be just a snake. If you were the snake it could mean that you think of yourself as a source of threat. Also it could symbolize your fear of being cursed to be a snake. In some cases it could represent your love to snakes and your inner desire to be one of them which could reflect your interest about snakes in real life and your intention to study them.

However, if the snake were representing someone familiar whether directly such as dreaming about snakes with “familiar” human faces or indirectly by symbolizing them, the meaning would depend on your personal attitude towards these people and snakes. The interpretation would be that you are in your subconscious mind believe that these people are a direct source of threat in your life.

If the snakes were representing strangers, it would mean that you are concerned about people in general.

In case you dreamed about snakes by itself, the meaning of the dream could be your concern about a random source of threat or your fear or even admiration towards snakes.

Moreover, the characteristics of the snake or snakes itself could have an additional meaning to the dream. For instance, the type of the snake, it’s colors, movement and nature.

Snakes Characteristics - Snake Dream meaning

Snakes Characteristics and their meanings in the dream

If the snake were lethal it could represent a threat. However, if it weren’t then it could have a positive meaning in opposite of just being a threat. The snake colors could be associated with your own personal experience if it were unusual. And the snake movement could be linked to the meaning as well as it could be getting away from you or towards you or towards another character.

The nature of the snake itself could be linked to the general meaning of the dream. For example, the snake could be sane and has it’s own personality like human beings, big or small, long or short and whether the snake is legendary or real. These beside other secondary characteristics such as the snake eyes, fangs, skin and tail could be useful to interpret the dream.

If the snake were sane it could represent someone in your real life or even an ideology. However, if the snake were big it could indicate that you think in your subconscious that the threat is big. Although, a small snake would represent a threat as well, usually a normal threat. A short snake would represent a threat by insignificant people in your life or at least you think they are.
Moreover, the secondary characteristics in the snake are meant to signify your sense of awareness and concern towards the threat. Also, it could represent some meanings based on your own experience and exposure in real life.

A single snake would indicate a source of threat. However, if you have seen several snakes in your dream, it could indicate whether multiple related sources of threat or a significant source of threat.

If the snake weren’t lethal in these cases and were friendly, it could be interpreted as an admiration or a concern towards these creatures in your subconscious mind.

The Place

The place you have seen the snake “snakes” in your dream could be a critical factor into analyzing and interpreting the snakes dream meaning as it could be irrelevant as well. There are infinite possibilities of the place in your dream. However, there are three interpretation for the place.

  • Related to the source of threat
  • Meant to signify your feelings in the dream
  • Meant to add some sense and logic to your dream

For example, if the snakes were in your office at work, it could indicate that the threat could be from one of your coworkers. And the same applies for other places such as your home, public and private places.

Also, the place could be meant by your subconscious to signify your feelings or add some logic and sense to the context of the dream. For example, seeing the snake at a cave or a dark place while you fear darkness.

The Place - Snakes Dream Meaning

A view of a snake in nature

The Environment

There are several types of possible environments in your snakes dream. For example, it could be raining, foggy, sunny and dark. Usually it would depend on your exposure or the context of the dream. For example, your exposure to light while you are asleep could affect the environment of the dream. Also, it could indicate the time of the threat in some cases.

The Reason

The reason behind the appearance of the snakes in your dream is critical for interpreting it. For example, if the snake has appeared because you have made a mistake it could indicate that you are afraid of doing a mistake in real life and concerned about the consequences. Also, if the snake appeared from no where it would mean a random or an unexpected source of threat. And if it appeared while you were doing an activity it could be a reflection of your feeling of insecurity while doing it in real life. If someone pushed the snake at you, it would mean a targeted source of threat.

Your Feelings

Your feelings within the dream could be relevant or irrelevant to it’s meaning. For example, if you were feeling fear or sadness or anger or even comfort and admiration towards the snake “snakes” it could mean your attitude towards it in real life or towards what it represents.

Your Action

Did you make any action after the snake appeared in your dream? If your answer is yes, your action could represent what you think you should do in your subconscious. For example, attacking the source of threat or running from it.

Smelling, Sound and temperature

Other variables such as smelling, sound and temperature are based on your own exposure and experience and can be explained in the context of the dream.

Snakes Dream Meaning Based on Exposure

The exposure to a stimulus whether before or during your dream about snakes could be the reason behind it. There are two different types of stimulus:

  • Direct stimulus
  • Indirect stimulus

In case you have been exposed to a certain stimulus related to snakes before the dream such as a movie in which you saw the snakes or an advertisement or you have even read about it in a book or heard about snakes from the radio or while some people are talking about it around you, it could have influenced your subconscious and therefore had a dream about it.

Sometimes the stimulus could be metaphorical or a “symbolization”. Also, it could be indirect. An example on the indirect stimulus is when you see an advertisement on TV in which snakes appeared for a few seconds without noticing it properly. Although the exposure time for the indirect stimulus is short, it could be stored in your subconscious and appear in your dream.

Whether you have been exposed to these objects prior the dream or even during it, it could be the main reason behind it’s appearance in your dream.

If you were asleep and there were some robes in your bed, it could be reflected in your dream as snakes. Also, the sound of wind and any similar sound to the sound of snakes could affect their appearance in your dream.

So, the reason behind dreaming about snakes could be explained simply based on what you have seen, heard, memorized and read about anything related to snakes prior your dream.

Snakes Dream Meaning Based on Experience

What snakes represents for each of us varies based on our own experience in life. Meaning that some of us could see snakes as friendly nice creatures, although others could see them as a source of threat. Your personal experience about snakes could be the key behind understanding the real reason behind dreaming about them and it’s meaning.

Some people likes raising snakes as a hobby and in this case their dream about them could mean whether they are concerned or interested about snakes in their subconscious. Others are interested in snakes for scientific purposes, so their dream about snakes could mean their interest in studying them. Also, some people dream about snakes because they do deal with it at work regularly.

Snakes dream meaning based on religion

Snakes dream meaning based on religion

Snakes Dream Meaning in Religion

Snakes represents a threat in religion and the greater the snake in size the greater the threat. Also, the more lethal the snake poison is the more there would be a negative impact of the threat. Snakes also represents ownership in religion, it could represent wife and children as well.

According to old writings in religion about the snakes dream meaning, if you fought a snake in your dream and won then it would mean that you would overcome your enemies in real life. However, if the snake bitten you it would mean that your enemies would hurt you in your life. If you ate the snake’s meat in your dream, it would mean that you might get some money and happiness.

If the snake bitten you in the middle of your arm in the dream it would mean that you will conquer your enemies. And if the snake spoke to you with kind words it would mean goodness on it’s way for you in which the people around you will admire.

If you have seen a dead snake in your dream, then it’s enemies have been defeated. The whiter this snake is, the more difficult the enemy is and the more black it is, the more strength your enemy is.

If the snake hasn’t frighten you then you are safe from your enemy. And if the snake were at your home then it would mean an enemy trying to hurt you there.

Small snakes according to some religious writings would represent a child. And if the snakes were fighting it would mean war between enemies.

The snake characteristics represents how powerful your enemy is.

If a snake were following you in the dream, then it would mean that there is an enemy following you and wants to hurt you. However if the snakes passed between your hands or moved around you it might mean that your enemies can’t hurt you.

If the snake were falling dead from height in your dream, it might mean someone with great authority will die in this place.

If you seen many snakes in a garden or a farmland it would mean that there will be many plants growing there.

In some writings, dreaming about snakes at your home would mean that there is an enemy in your family or neighbors.

Capturing a snake would mean reaching a position of high authority in your life.

Snakes Symbolic Meaning

Symbolism - Snakes Dream Meaning

Snakes Dream Meaning based on symbolization

Snakes are among the oldest mythological symbols. What the snakes represents might be different from one culture to the other.

  • Threat
  • Birth
  • Fertility
  • Nature
  • Spirits (such as the sky and underworld spirits)
  • Patience
  • Medicine
  • Fashion
  • Transformation
  • Intelligence
  • Secret knowledge
  • Deceive
  • Power
  • Focus

Snakes usually symbolize drugs in medicine. Also, it symbolize fashion in luxurious cloth and accessories.

However, snakes symbolic meaning is relative and depends on the individual’s own experience and knowledge. For example, people who works in medicine would recognize it as a symbol for drugs. On the other hand, people who works in fashion would recognize it as a luxurious material for making cloth. In most cases, snakes symbolize a threat.