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Wolf Dream Meaning

In order to understand the true meaning behind your wolf dream, you will have to remember as much details as you can about it then interpret it according to a number of factors that we are going to outline in the following lines.

wolf in nature - dream meaning

Appearance of a wolf in relation to the analyzing dream meaning

At the beginning, you should get a paper and a pen to note all the details you can remember about the wolf dream. You can use any other modern device such as your smart phone to note down these details. However, if you are having trouble at remembering the dream, then you should try one of the relaxation techniques.

Doing physical workout can be beneficial in reducing stress and improving brain functions. Therefore, remembering more details about the dream.

Also, you can do deep breathing exercises which would get more oxygen to your blood stream and improve your body functions. Yoga and similar relaxation techniques are considered effective as well in terms of reducing stress.

wolf dream meaning

wolf dream meaning based on dream analyzing factors

Analyzing Wolf Dream Variables

Here are some variables that you should remember about your wolf dream in order to deduct it’s meaning:

  • The Characters within the dream
  • The wolf
  • The place
  • The environment

Characters could be a main key to your wolf dream meaning. At the beginning, you must note down all the characters within the dream. Whether these characters consists completely of strangers or familiar people to you, it’s advised to analyze their relation to the dream based on the role they played. Although, the presence of these characters itself could have certain meanings even if they haven’t interacted with the dreamer.

Any conversations or spoken words occurred during the dream might be critical to analyzing the dream meaning.

Also, the wolf itself is relative from one dream to another. For some, the wolf could be the dreamer himself. Although for others, the wolf could be just a normal animal. And in some cases the wolf could represent familiar or stranger person.

It’s also quiet important to remember the place where the dream occurred. In some cases it could be relevant depending on the context of the dream, and in other cases it could be of irrelevant. For example, if the dreamer seen a wolf in his workplace, it could mean his feeling of threat at his job in real life.

Whether the general environment of the dream was at the morning or at night or in a specific season of the year, it could have some certain explanation based on the dreamer’s own experience.

wolf dream interpretation

wolf dream interpretation based on symbolization

Wolf Dream Meaning Based on Symbolization

The wolf symbolizes intelligence, respect, fear, wildness, creation, death, rebirth, spirit, destruction, guardianship, loyalty, instinct and trust.

Wolves are usually a source of threat, whether to the dreamer himself or the others. However, it all depends on the dreamer’s own experience about wolves and whether they are associated with positive or negative feelings to him.

Wolf Dream Meaning Based on Exposure

The dreamer’s exposure prior the dream is critical in understanding the true meaning of the dream. There are two main types of exposure which they are:

  1. Direct Exposure
  2. Indirect Exposure

The direct exposure takes place when the dreamer see something relevant in real life prior the dream and realize it. For example, the wolf dream meaning could be simply related to a certain movie where wolves appeared in a scene that caught the attention of the dreamer. Also, it could be related to advertisement, book, magazine, any words the dreamer have heard during his everyday life and his own interests.

However, the indirect exposure is similar to the direct, except that it happens in a very short time (typically a few seconds) and it’s only getting noticed subconsciously.

exposure and experience - wolf dream meaning

wolf dream meaning based on exposure and experience

Wolf Dream Meaning Based on Experience

Everybody’s own experience is unique in it’s way. Therefore, the meaning of the wolf dream is relative to each person’s experience. For example, as much as wolves could represent fear to someone, it could represent trust to someone else.

If someone thinks of wolves as a source of threat, then it could mean that his subconscious is concerned about a certain matter or someone in his life that represents a threat.

Also, if the dreamer is interested in animals, it could represent his desire to have a wolf or his passion to wild animals in general.

The dreamer could also be interested in survival, which might mean that the dreamer’s subconsciously concerned about being in the wild.